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 Textile Division:  From Shirt 2


From Shirt 2 rescues old shirts and recycles them into beautiful aprons for children and adults, and baby bibs for wee little ones.  Why shirts?  Because the multitude of patterns available from shirt material combined with the softness of the old cotton, can not be replicated today.  Plus, on average, a person in the United States will own a minimum of three shirts and what happens when those shirts lose their shape, or are outgrown?  Many people will donate their used clothing to charity retailers; but these retailers are overflowing, so they are only able to resell about 20% of their product.  The rest is sent to a recycling facility.

In using gently used shirts rather than new fabrics, I feel as if I am contributing, in a small way, to the preservation of our land by creating something beautiful out of something old and discarded.  Perhaps my aprons and bibs are prolonging the life of a shirt, and possibly preventing the expansion of a landfill.

Since the introduction of From Shirt 2 in the Fall of 2014, the company has purchased over $2,700.00 in shirts from charity retailers. As I like to say, we're...

"Supporting Charity Retailers One Shirt at a Time!"

Each From Shirt 2 item is uniquely designed, hand-crafted, and made in the USA.  All pieces are one-of-a-kind.  Aprons are reversible (giving you two aprons in one); and, baby bibs comprise of repurposed shirt fronts with a 100% new organic cotton terry backing.

The company continually introduces really fun products using fabric scraps from the rescued shirts... so be sure to stay tuned!




For women and children (and doll)--whether you're cooking for family, friends, or both, From Shirt 2 aprons will provide you with a little style and comfort while in the kitchen, and in the home.  Just choose your color hue, and you are all set.   Please note:  Not all colors listed will be used in an apron; selecting the hue denotes the color family from which you would like your apron.


calm (beige, brown)  / classic (black, gray, red, white) /  cool (green, blue, purple)

fun (bright colors) / pastel (purple, pink, light blue, yellow) / warm (red, orange, yellow)


Please Note:  If you would like more control over your order, still select the hue family from the list above.  Then, after you have placed your order, under shipping method there will be a spot to add "Special Instructions."  Click "add" and enter your message of one or two specific colors  to help narrow your selection down.  For exampleColor Hue:  Fun  (note:  please provide a children's apron with pink in it.)  Every attempt will be made to match your request; however, the exact colors in an apron cannot be guaranteed.


Dribble Baby Bibs:

Baby Bibs are one-size fits all and are made of recycled shirt material on the front, and 100% Organic Cotton Terry Cloth (new, not recycled) on the reverse.  These bibs are ​super absorbent and are adorned with a large nickel clasp for easy on and off--making them oh, so stylish, too.  And, no worries about Velcro in the hair or in the washing machine.  These make the perfect drool bibs are wonderful to have on hand for special occasions when your little one is all dressed up and attending a special event.  A stylish bib will be the finishing touch!


Special Occasions and Customization:

Want to create an apron for a special occasion?  Then definitely do not hesitate to contact From Shirt 2.  A host of requests have been honored.  Like creating a special gift for the bride--surprise her with a custom apron made from her fiancé's shirts.  Or, use the color scheme of the wedding and provide custom aprons as favors to the Wedding Party.  (The wedding aprons I am currently making are mint and navy--ooh, la, la!!)  And, if a special loved one has passed, happy to turn those shirts into beautiful aprons for the family.  The possibilities are endless!  Just contact me with your request at, and a quote will be provided.


Keep posted as A Little Book/From Shirt 2 evolves and grows to offer you a host of items for the home!