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Garden Aprons

No matter the personality, we have a beautiful apron just waiting for you.  And if you love to garden, than you will adore our Garden Aprons.


blue apron framed.jpgGarden Apron:

Hand-crafted Garden Aprons have lots of pockets to hold all those tools making them an ideal present for the gardener in your life.    Fill the pockets with garden seeds and tools, and voila--a beautiful, simple gift package made for a very special person.​​ Each apron is repurposed from gently used shirts and is one-of-a-kind, reversible, and hand-crafted.  Aprons are one-size-fits-all and have a typical width of 24-inches.  Length varies but all aprons are styled to fit mid-thigh and above.   

Choose color hue below, and if you would like a sp​ecific color, specifiy the primary color choice when you place your order.

Color hues:  calm (beige, brown)  / classic (black, gray, red, white) /  cool(green, blue, purple) / fun (bright colors) / pastel (purple, pink, light blue, yellow) / warm (red, orange, yellow)

Apron:  Garden Apron 

Price:     $33.00​

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