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​Gift Sets

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Need a gift for a special occasion?  A Little Book is perfect to give for such an event. 

Realtors love to give A Little Book gift sets following the close of a sale--it's an ideal gift for a young family with children or a newlywed couple purchasing their first home.  Interior designers are big fans of them, too; especially to present following a new kitchen remodel.

A Little Book gift sets make ideal shower gifts for the bride and groom, and as mentioned, are the perfect housewarming gift for those just starting out.  They are also great to give the mom who just had her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th baby!  She will love the thoughtfulness of providing tools to help organize and unite her growing family.

Gift sets are offered in a wide variety of prices and sizes.  Decide what you would like to spend, and then choose the perfect arrangement.  Custom orders can be created, too; just call 630-336-3373 or email, to determine the exact gift, container, and pricing that best meets your needs.


Gift Sets:

All gift packages are wrapped in cellophane and twine.   Please note:  exact container used in the large and extra large gift sets can not be guaranteed.  However, know that A Little Book will provide a fun, beautiful container that is complementary to the overall feel of the gift set ordered.


Small--Price:  $24.00

Book I Gift Set.jpg 

no. 1:  Book I Gift Set

includes Book I, (1) pink Menu Planner notepad, and (1) Grocery Needs List notepad


Book II Gift Set.jpg 

no. 2:  Book II Gift Set

includes Book II, (1) yellow Menu Planner notepad, and (1) Weekly Chores List notepad


Book Gift Set

Medium--Price:  $34.00

medium gift set.jpg 

no.1:  Book & Notepad Gift Set--includes Books I & II, (1) pink Menu Planner notepad, (1) Weekly Chores List notepad

no. 2:  Book & Organizer Gift Set--includes Books I & II and (1) Organizer to Ease Meal Planning & Budgeting


Book Gift Set

Large--Price:  $54.00

large gift set.jpg 

Large Gift Set--includes a decorative container, Books I & II, (1) pink Menu Planner notepad, (1) Weekly Chores List notepad, (1) Wooden Cooking Spoon, (1) Classic Kitchen Towel




Extra Large--Price:  $94.00

1extra large gift set.jpg 

Extra Large Gift Set--includes a large, decorative container, (1) Adult Hostess Apron, Books I & II, (1) pink Menu Planner notepad, (1) Weekly Chores List Notepad, (1) Wooden Cooking Spoon, (1) Classic Kitchen Towel

Apron Color

Create your own Gift Set by calling 630-336-3373, or via email at