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Special Occasions and Customization:

Want to create an apron for a special occasion?  Then definitely do not hesitate to contact From Shirt 2.  A host of requests have been honored.  Like creating a special gift for the bride--surprise her with a custom apron made from her fiancé's shirts.  Or, use the color scheme of the wedding and provide custom aprons as favors to the Wedding Party.  (The wedding aprons I am currently making are mint and navy--ooh, la, la!!)  And, if a special loved one has passed, happy to turn those shirts into beautiful aprons for the family.  The possibilities are endless!  Just contact me with your request at, and a quote will be provided.

The pictures below are from a very special Christmas project.  A mother asked me to turn her mother's shirts into an apron for her daughter.  The grandmother had passed away a couple of months before the holidays, and the granddaughter (29 years old) and the grandmother had an annual tradition (dating back to when the granddaughter was a toddler) of baking Christmas cookies together.  The mother sent me two of the grandmother's favorite shirts, and I in turn made them into the beautiful apron (reversible) pictured below.  The mother contacted me after she presented the gift to her daughter on Thanksgiving and mentioned there were several tears of joy shed at the table that day.  It was a wonderful project that I was honored to create.


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